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Terms of Service

Shack is an online resource that provides additional applications for various computer games. The additional applications (also called "products") are software that allows players to gain an advantage over other participants in the computer game for which these applications are intended, using various auxiliary functions that affect the gameplay. The use of this site and additional applications is only possible if you agree to the terms of these user and license agreements. If you do not agree to these terms, stop using the site and additional applications immediately. The use of this site and additional applications means your agreement to the terms of these license and user agreements.

The user undertakes not to use the product for illegal purposes or to violate the agreement. They cannot reverse engineer, analyze, modify, or transmit login credentials (username and password) or sell the product to third parties.

To prevent the spread of the product on the internet, the product is bound to the computer on which it was launched for the first time and cannot be run on other computers. Replacing internal computer components is similar to running the product on another computer.

Any violation of the rules will be punished by subscription blocking or other punishments that do not violate the terms of the agreement and the user's rights.

The administration and product developers have the right to store and process the user's confidential information, including the computer name, IP address, and other information that is not personal data of the user but may be personal data within the framework of the agreement.

The user is responsible for all consequences of using auxiliary applications, and the administration is not responsible for possible consequences of using such applications.

  1. The product developers have full rights to modify and distribute it after purchase.
  2. In case of detecting prohibited actions by the user, a refund is not made.
  3. If the user's account has been blocked, the money is not refunded.
  4. If the system does not correspond to the description, a refund is not provided.
  5. If the wrong product has been purchased, exchange or refund is not possible.
  6. If the program has temporarily stopped working for any reason, the money is not refunded.
  7. Compensation is possible only at the discretion of the developers.

Last updated on: March 14, 2023.