Cheat status





Dear potential partners!!

Shack - actively supports cooperation with sites \ bloggers who have their own audience for the sale of cheats.

If you have a website\blog\streaming audience of over 100 active users, then we are happy to open a dialogue about cooperation.

Shack - provides partners with the best prices depending on the number of keys purchased for sale.

We also have an affiliate program through the Digiseller trading system, in which our partners are set a % (percentage) of the deduction that comes in directly to the partner's account, if a product of our team was purchased using his unique link.

Shack - has been successfully cooperating with many representatives of countries such as: Russia, China, America, Germany, Turkey, Brazil, as well as with most CIS countries.

We accept payment

  • Bitcoin, Litecoin
  • Alipay/Unionpay
  • Visa/MasterCard
  • Visa/MasterCard
  • And many other ways through the Digiseller trading system!